Braided Nutty Easter Loaf

The long Easter weekend will start today!!! To celebrate the day, I have prepared a delicious braided loaf. This type of Easter loaf made out of yeast, you’ll find on almost every Easter Brunch kitchen table in Germany. They are typically sliced and then spread with with butter & jam. I decided to fill my braided loaf with pecans, almonds and walnuts as well as cinnamon. In German this is called “Nusszopf”, however I made a very non German maple glaze to pour over it and call it fusion haha.

I am flying to Munich tomorrow to see my family and friends and today was my last day at work before my holiday. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I felt I really needed some of this warm out of the oven right away and this did the job it just makes you feel good & gives you protein, fibre and essential fats!

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Seitan Double Cheeseburger with Butternut Chips


Create a great vegan burger – a challenge that loads of people worldwide have already taken. I think a burger must be exactly tailored to your own preferences. You want your perfect burger, so I do not want to try to present a detailed burger to the last detail, but rather show you what I found to be really tasty for my loved ones and me but feel free to experiment and built yours up, with everything YOUR Burger heart desires. Instead of your usual fries, I went for a much healthier and carb-free finer supplement: butternut chips.

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Super quick Linguine with Vegan Pesto, Mini Tomatoes & Parmesan


This is one of my favourite dishes of all times. My dad loves the sun, sailing, water and good food. He tries to spend as much time near either of them as possible. When he was on board of a ship decades ago he became friends with the chef on board. The two would talk about food, sit in the sun and smoke cigars and then in a moment of mutual happiness, the chef decided to entrust my dad the recipe of his favourite dish on board. Below is the veganised version of it, it’s simple and prepared so quickly but so amazingly good and fresh and healthy!

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Breakfast – Scrambled Tofu

A felicitous Sunday for me includes a long sleep and a relaxed breakfast. Usually, my preference would almost always be for a sweet breakfast including loads of fruit, maple syrup and chocolate chips on pancake or French toast along with a soya milk coffee. Today, I felt a bit shattered still and went for something loaded with nutrients that would give me strength for the hike through the Yorkshire Dales we had planned for the day.

Online you can find many recipes for vegan scrambled eggs, the base for it is essentially tofu and turmeric, giving the tofu the yellow color. I tried many different recipes but I’ve never really been amazed. I have now found an easy & adaptable recipe that works for me.

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Pulled Jackfruit Corn Quesadilla with Avocado, Sour Cream & Pinto Bean Coleslaw


Hola Amigos. Fancy some Mexican food? Those grilled Corntortillas stuffed with BBQ Bloody Mary jackfruit, melted cheese, sweetcorn, sour creme, jalapeños, cashews and avocados and homemade Mexican Pinto Coleslaw are amazing. I love to try new things. Isn’t it crazy that you can make vegan pulled pork from a fruit? I do not know who first came up with the idea of using Jackfruits for a vegan version of Pulled Pork, but whoever it was thank you what a great idea! All in all, you do not need more than 30 minutes to make those Jackfruit Pulled Pork Quesadillas. My recipe may seem like I was just throwing together a random mix of ingredients – but trust me this combination will blow you away.

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Linguine Arrabiata with Meatballs & Parmesan


A signature dish of Italian cuisine and timeless classic. Spaghetti Arabiatta is an institution, a simple recipe but far from trivial. Subject to endless variations all aiming find the perfect balance of flavours, the right creaminess and sweetness, starts from the choice of the most suitable type of tomato. In summer I make this with fresh tomatoes but the winter ones are just too bland tasting and I prefer the ones that were canned in summer and thus had the chance to be sun-blushed.

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Super Quick Very Berry Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats guarantee a healthy, delicious start to your day without hassle in the morning, you can take them with you if you’re in a hurry and eat it in the office! They are also great for your body. Oat flakes have a lot of dietary fiber and make you feel full for longer. They are loaded with beautiful things such as Vitamin B1, Calcium, Iron and many unsaturated fats and minerals.

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Indian Aubergine Daal with Naan bread & Raita dip


This is one of my favourite dishes for cold and rainy days as such a curry warms you up wonderfully! Daal is an Indian dish of legumes, such as lentils, chick peas or beans. And so a kind of basic in Indian cuisine. To me this absolutely makes sense. Dal is extremely delicious and made quickly. My neighbour Sheryl showed me an amazing & pure take on this Indian classic. I would love to eat Daal in India some time where it is both an accompaniment and a main dish. I’ll share my favourite take on the traditional Daal which consists mainly of red lentils, coconut milk, aubergines, coriander and spice. The fleshy texture of cooked aubergines helps to create great texture in vegan dishes. The coconut milk cooked with velvety aubergines can be quite rich and spicy, the cooling minty raita dip freshens it all up a bit. And I’ll give the typical basmati rice a pass today and go with fresh garlic naan instead.

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Austrian Kaiserschmarrn with Homemade Apple Compote


Kaiserschmarrn is a very popular food at ski lodges & restaurants in Austria & Bavaria. Creating the perfect Kaiserschmarrn is a tricky challenge, the recipe can be elaborate, the technique sophisticated but Kaiserschmarrn lives from the view at the mountains while eating it. Millions of people had their own special Kaiserschmarrn moment somewhere high up in their skiing or hiking outfit surrounded by snow-covered alpine landscape. On the rustic wooden bench of an old hut somewhere in the Alps.

You can only feel sorry for the hobby cook at its stove at home. No matter how good his recipe may be – the view when feasting facing the neighboring house instead of snow-covered peaks can simply not keep up. And then there is yet another challenge in sight “veganising” it. After a couple of trials, I think I succeeded to make a vegan no-mountains-in-sight-but-still-yummy-and-comforting version of it.

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