Apple, Cinnamon & Caramelised Walnut Cake

I really like to reflect the seasons in what I bake, not only because I am thinking of the food miles but also because it just generally fits the atmosphere. The wind is knocking on your window, leaves have fallen and children are collecting chestnuts and the last warm sunbeams flash through the clouds. Your oven spreads the tempting of apples and cinnamon and you know: It’s autumn.

What better way to feel cozy with your best friend, a delicious piece of apple cake, a hot pot of steaming tea cuddled in blankets sitting outside in the terrace for one last time watching the leaves fall. Sounds good? Then heat the oven, it is time to bake.

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Vegan Viennese Apfelstrudel 


Although I really bake a lot, for a long time I’ve thought that I’d only manage to make a perfect Apfelstrudel when baking it together with my gran. In my memory, the Viennese recipe of my gran, that we often had for lunch – yeah you heard me right for lunch – was always complex and the dough very delicate.

I’m glad that when studying my Austrian friend Nicola and I gave it another try! The feeling of accomplishment we had, being able to make an Apple Strudel from scratch, helped us a lot through our Master’s degree 😀

I hope that reading this convinces one or the other reader to also give it a try, even though there is nothing wrong with using a short cut – like shop bough filo or puff pastry dough – yeah gran I know you’d disagree but times have changed 🙂

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Austrian Kaiserschmarrn with Homemade Apple Compote


Kaiserschmarrn is a very popular food at ski lodges & restaurants in Austria & Bavaria. Creating the perfect Kaiserschmarrn is a tricky challenge, the recipe can be elaborate, the technique sophisticated but Kaiserschmarrn lives from the view at the mountains while eating it. Millions of people had their own special Kaiserschmarrn moment somewhere high up in their skiing or hiking outfit surrounded by snow-covered alpine landscape. On the rustic wooden bench of an old hut somewhere in the Alps.

You can only feel sorry for the hobby cook at its stove at home. No matter how good his recipe may be – the view when feasting facing the neighboring house instead of snow-covered peaks can simply not keep up. And then there is yet another challenge in sight “veganising” it. After a couple of trials, I think I succeeded to make a vegan no-mountains-in-sight-but-still-yummy-and-comforting version of it.

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