Raw Rainbow and Vitamin Bomb Cake

Let’s talk about gay rights. And about a cake I made in celebration of a big milestone being achieved for same-sex couples in Germany.

This cake embraces plenty of different flavours (you won’t believe how much fruit I managed to squeeze in there) as symbol of embracing differences among us and showing respect towards each other. You can literally taste the rainbow with this cake. It is jam packed with Vitamins and superfoods like Moringa, Spirulina and good old Turmeric. It is the fruitiest cake I’ve ever tasted that could also pass as an ice cream.

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The Avocado – Great taste but bad eco-balance?

Avokádo.jpgThey are more popular than ever but their eco-balance is not as rosy. In itself the avocado cannot really be described as beautiful.  Pimply skin, often brown spots- not your typical beauty standards. However, inner beauty counts, right? And here the avocado convinces with a smooth-buttery-nutty taste, versatility in its use and its health benefits! Avocados are rich in Vitamin E, Potassium, Unsaturated fats, Folic acid and contain valuable amino acids.

Avocado consumption within the EU doubled only within the last 5 years! Unfortunately, the increasing demand has adverse effects on the environment as this fruit requires plenty of water to grow and also travels quite a bit to get on our plates.

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