Apple, Cinnamon & Caramelised Walnut Cake

I really like to reflect the seasons in what I bake, not only because I am thinking of the food miles but also because it just generally fits the atmosphere. The wind is knocking on your window, leaves have fallen and children are collecting chestnuts and the last warm sunbeams flash through the clouds. Your oven spreads the tempting of apples and cinnamon and you know: It’s autumn.

What better way to feel cozy with your best friend, a delicious piece of apple cake, a hot pot of steaming tea cuddled in blankets sitting outside in the terrace for one last time watching the leaves fall. Sounds good? Then heat the oven, it is time to bake.

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Best Cheesecake with Apricots & Blueberries

I’ve always had a weakness for cheesecake. Before I became vegan, cheesecake was one of my absolute favorite cakes. If not the favorite cake. I was really missing that but never really thought a purely plant-based version could taste great as it is in the name: it is all about the cheese. Then I have however somehow realized that it is indeed possible to bake (or even to freeze) very delicious cheesecakes without milk and eggs. Vegan cheesecake without curd cheese?! Yes, absolutely no problem – I know many won’t believe it, but I actually do prefer this recipe to the real thing! Give it a try and I am sure you’ll love it.

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