Raw Rainbow and Vitamin Bomb Cake

Let’s talk about gay rights. And about a cake I made in celebration of a big milestone being achieved for same-sex couples in Germany.

This cake embraces plenty of different flavours (you won’t believe how much fruit I managed to squeeze in there) as symbol of embracing differences among us and showing respect towards each other. You can literally taste the rainbow with this cake. It is jam packed with Vitamins and superfoods like Moringa, Spirulina and good old Turmeric. It is the fruitiest cake I’ve ever tasted that could also pass as an ice cream.

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Breakfast – Quick Scrambled Tofu

A felicitous Sunday for me includes a long sleep and a relaxed breakfast. Usually, my preference would almost always be for a sweet breakfast including loads of fruit, maple syrup and chocolate chips on pancake or French toast along with a soya milk coffee. Today, I felt a bit shattered still and went for something loaded with nutrients that would give me strength for the hike through the Yorkshire Dales we had planned for the day.

Online you can find many recipes for vegan scrambled eggs, the base for it is essentially tofu and turmeric, giving the tofu the yellow color. I tried many different recipes but I’ve never really been amazed. I have now found an easy & adaptable recipe that works for me.

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Bavarian Pretzels

This reminds me of home. This is one of my favourite things to eat and it was upsetting me so much that I could not find proper pretzels outside the South of Germany (yes not even Norther German bakers seem to be able to make proper pretzels so nothing to feel ashamed of fellow UK citizens). There is no egg in pretzels so you’ll find that they are vegan in most bakeries. However, finding tasty ones is the challenge. You might think they are a lot of effort but actually they are not, the shaping might need some practice but other than that they are really not complicated to make.

Let me show you my version, I might add a video later on as I baked them with a couple of friends already and once I showed them how to shape them they found it super easy.

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