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My name is Anni and my favourite things in life include Food -deliberately named first-, Travelling, Yoga, Afternoon tea (yes I am becoming more and more British), the Sea, Family & Friends, Animals, Dancing around and a good Book!

I got around quite a bit so far: I’ve lived in Germany, China, Scotland, Italy and the United States. While travelling around the globe, I have met many lovely people that taught me a lot, I have been cooking with and for many people that tried to get me into writing a blog. Well, here it is!


Who is this Blog for?

Anyone, that is generally interested in trying a healthy, balanced diet with quick everyday recipes as well as showstoppers for special occasions. You do not have to be a vegan or vegetarian, I simply want to show you how easy and delicious vegan recipes can be and I encourage you to have a go and impress your guests, family & loved ones, but first and foremost yourself! I guarantee you won’t miss meat or dairy in my recipes.


Why am I such a Foodie?

My story began in the kitchen with my mum. I loved helping her to cook and bake, sitting on the kitchen counter, sneaking little pieces of dough. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with all those ingredients coming together to create wonderful recipes. My family always loved to get together, cook & bake with passion and then eat crazy amounts of food along with great wine and loads of good stories.

At the age of 2, I decided that I couldn’t eat animals anymore because I felt compassionate about my furry friends and could not understand why we would eat them at all. Growing up, both friends and family did not comprehend where this was coming from – and lets put it this way I did not have the easiest time growing up in meat-loving Bavaria.

I had two people that were standing by my side on this. For the past two decades my mum adapted a wholesome, organic & vegetarian cuisine. My gran had a restaurant in Munich and got me involved in helping out in the kitchen from a very early age onwards. She loved both traditional and innovative recipes and has always been creative in her cooking.

As a result, I profited from cooking aside a chef that taught me how I could make veggie versions of traditional recipes but also learned loads about a whole foods diet from my mum. This was the starting point of me developing many new recipes and getting very excited to explore food from around the world but also keen on checking out veggie options when eating out.


Why a Plant-Based Diet?

In the past years and particularly while I was studying for my Master degree in St Andrews (Sustainable Development), I learned how much our food choices influence both our own health and the planet’s. This is what I wrote my thesis about. The bottom line was that animal agriculture is still the biggest contributor to Climate Change while meat consumption is the biggest influencing factor of the world’s deteriorating health. People suffering more and more from diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, allergies and the list goes on and on. A huge number of us are starving because crops and plants are being shipped to the US and Europe for meat production, using huge amounts of water that would help people in dry regions to survive.

I decided I wanted to do something to support a way of eating that is good for us and nature. Currently, I am enrolled in a course to become an accredited nutritionist and I aim to share organic, seasonal, regional overall environmental friendly recipes on my blog. While healthy, they are also scrumptious. If you wanna learn more about the topic, how, what we are eating influences the environment, I recommend watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy, What the health or Forks over Knives.

Humanity is growing, quite literally, we’re not just becoming more and more but we’re also getting bigger and bigger. Eating green & healthy while not causing harm to any species is not hard. Not expensive. And you are not missing out. People feel that vegans are putting themselves last although the opposite is the case. We are not only helping the planet and the environment but we are getting more and more energy, become healthy or healthier. However, no one tells us. In school, we don’t learn about the importance of a healthy diet and how this is linked to our social & environmental footprint.

My posts are designed to cover health benefits and sustainability as well as nutritional info like protein content, carbs, fat content and calories!

I would love to inspire you to eat well in a way that causes no harm to any living being and at the same time will make you feel better!


On a last Note …

Even though I love to eat so many things, I am not always up for spending ages in the kitchen to dehydrate things or prepare raw cakes days before being able to eat them. I could not restrict myself to a raw diet.

For me starting to eat a plant-based diet naturally involved eating less processed foods and instead making wholesome dishes from scratch. Loads of people associate being veggie with standing in the kitchen for hours preparing really complicated dishes but it really doesn’t have to be! During the week, I do not spend more than half an hour tops in the kitchen and this is why I try to give you from-scratch options but also short cuts for all the busy bees out there.

I try to eat healthy but in balance. In my opinion restricting yourself too much just over complicates life and takes away the joy of eating. Why not treat yourself with a piece of yummy cake (or two) every now and then? Stop constantly counting calories and feeling guilty! You are doing so much good already with eating vegan for your body and the environment (even if it is only on some occasions). It is possible to truly enjoy what you’re eating if you’re ready to love yourself for who you are. Believe me it was a journey for me to get there.

My recipes are easy to make and taste amazing! And yes, they are all vegan! Give them a try!
Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you stay for a while and enjoy my blog & my recipes!

If you’d like to contact me, please leave your message here. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!

Happy Cooking, Shaking & Baking,


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