Vegan Viennese Apfelstrudel 


Although I really bake a lot, for a long time I’ve thought that I’d only manage to make a perfect Apfelstrudel when baking it together with my gran. In my memory, the Viennese recipe of my gran, that we often had for lunch – yeah you heard me right for lunch – was always complex and the dough very delicate.

I’m glad that when studying my Austrian friend Nicola and I gave it another try! The feeling of accomplishment we had, being able to make an Apple Strudel from scratch, helped us a lot through our Master’s degree 😀

I hope that reading this convinces one or the other reader to also give it a try, even though there is nothing wrong with using a short cut – like shop bough filo or puff pastry dough – yeah gran I know you’d disagree but times have changed 🙂

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